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Kings of Havoc M.C Series
Book One
The King's Daughter 
A Kings of Havoc MC Novel



“Let’s go,” He said as he led me out passing the ring. 

“Where are we going?” 

 “My place, I need to be alone with you now.”  He said as he pulled me close and kissed me deeply. 


Sloane Mitchell is the daughter of the president of the King’s of Havoc M.C, John Stanton is the son of the Chief of police. There were never two people less likely to meet or fall for each other. After a freak accident, they are drawn to each other like moths to a flame. When they spend an unexpected night together their spark ignites a fiery desire neither of them can deny. Will they be burned by the flames as they break all the rules?

Book Two
All Tied Up (13).jpg
All Tied Up 
A Kings of Havoc MC Novel

When Grayson transferred to the Pembroke Charter of the King’s of Havoc MC, he welcomed a new beginning with his childhood best friend Mason. When Mason knocks up his sister and bails, he’s left baby-sitting Mason’s ex Sloane. After screwing up his protection duties for the President of the charter’s daughter, everything is out of control. He turns to the one thing that can ground him, mind numbing no strings attached sex. When his current plaything bails on him, he goes looking for another in a sex club called The Garden. He finds more than he bargains for in a pair of big blue eyes. Just one night and he knows he can’t let this one get away. 



Book Three
All Patched Up 
A Kings of Havoc MC Novel

Most men would feel trapped by a surprise kid. Quinn Mitchell is not most men. When Madison left, she unknowingly took more than his heart with her. Now she’s back with a little girl who is his spitting image, and she needs his help. She knows he and his brothers will kill to keep them safe. What she doesn’t know is, now that he has them, he’s not letting them go. All he has to do is break down all the walls she’s built to protect them. He won Madison’s heart once he knows he can do it again. He’ll fight to keep them safe, but he’ll go to war to keep them here. Now that he has a second chance, he’s ready for battle. Madison deserves to be treated like a Queen she just needs a King to do it.

The Kings Muse (7).png
Book Four
The King's Muse
A Kings of Havoc MC Novel

Damon gets more than he bargained for when he recommits himself to the Kings of Havoc MC. After losing his wife, he’s a shadow of the man he once was. The only thing keeping him going is Gigi, his daughter and the bonds of brotherhood. For a long time, he blamed himself for his wife’s death. He gave up on life the night hers ended, but his brothers never abandoned him and Gigi. When the club finds a member’s long-lost sister, he steps up to be the one to bring her home, hoping to return some long overdue favors. One look into the fiercest blue eyes he’s ever seen ignites a fiery passion he thought he lost forever. Now he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

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